Tiamat was the “shining” personification of salt water who roared and smote in the chaos of original creation. She and Apsu filled the cosmic abyss with the primeval waters. She is “Ummu-Hubur who formed all things”. Tiamat possessed the Tablet of Destinies and in … Continue reading Tiamat

The Seven Tablets of Creation

Follow Mark David on twitter, signup for The Elements. Read more about The Elements on elementamundi.com. Leonard William Kings (1902) was the authoritative work on the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth. The etext linked to at the end of this blog includes the complete … Continue reading The Seven Tablets of Creation

Nun, Hel and the Halls of Hel

Part of elementamundi.com by author Mark David: Twitter @authorMarkDavid Image: Niflhel by DominiquevVelsen Hel The old Old Norse word Hel derives from Proto-Germanic haljō which means one who covers up or hides something, which itself derives from Proto-Indo-European *kel-, meaning “conceal”. The Poetic Edda, compiled … Continue reading Nun, Hel and the Halls of Hel