BCE 2150-2050

The First Dark Age

2150 BCE

The Akkadian empire falls

2100 BCE

The Early Bronze Age Collapse. This is the time of the writing of the Epic of Gilgamesh after (recording) the Great Flood.

The early bronze Age settlement at Tel Kabri in the Estern Galilee in NW Israel is destroyed as part of the Early Bronze Age collapse. Tel Kabri disappeared – along with countless others throughout the eastern Mediterranean – around the end of the EB in about 2100 BCE, in a mysterious, unidentified wave of destructive events generally known today as the “Early Bronze Age Collapse.”

Mycenae comes into being.

First ziggurats in UrEriduUruk, and Nippur.

2083 – 2050 BCE

Time of the Dark Age of Mesopotamia

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